Scientific Staff

Natural Resource Management


Dr. Gopal R. Mahajan


(Soil Science) &

Section in-charge  

"My research interest is soil fertility and plant nutrition and management of degraded soils (coastal saline soils and mine reject soils)......... more


Dr. Surendra Kumar Singh

Principal Scientist

(Soil Science)  



Dr. Uthappa A. R.



  • Carbon sequestration potential 

    Litter and nutrient dynamics

    Tree crop interaction studies


      ......... more



Dr. Paramesha V.



  • Integrated farming system for west coast plains and Ghats agro-climatic zones

  • Integrated weed management in Rice based cropping system

  • Soil and water conservation ......... more



Dr. Bappa Das


(Agricultural Meteorology

  • Effect of climate change on crop yield through use of Crop Growth Simulation Models

  • Statistical Crop Weather Model development for the major crops grown in West Coast Plains and Ghats

  • Soil and water conservation  ......... more



Dr. Sujeet Desai


(Land and Water Management Engineering)  

  •  Hydrological Modelling and Climate change

  • Remote Sensing and GIS in Land and Water Management

  •  Soil and Water Conservation  ......... more


Crop Science

Dr. R. Ramesh

Principal Scientist

(Plant Pathology) &

Section in-charge

My research area is management of plan diseases of economic importance. I am working on biological control of plant diseases using antagonistic bacteria for the last 10 years and I study bacterial diseases of crop plants especially on R. solanacearum for the past 5 years.   ..............more

Dr. Manohara K. K.

Senior Scientist

(Genetics & Plant Breeding)

Rice breeding.  Development of Mapping populations.  Marker Assisted Selection. Team member in the development of aerobic rice variety ARB-6 (Anagha), released from University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK Bangalore.. ..............more

Dr. Maruthadurai. R


(Agricultural Entomology)

Management of insect pests through Bio control agents. Semiochemical studies of natural enemies and integrated pest management. Studies on insect pest of cashew and their management. ..............more


Dr. A. R. Desai

Principal Scientist

(Horticulture) &



Management of genetic resources  of horticulture crops for conservation  and utilization in crop improvement programmes, with special reference to fruits, plantation crops and spices. Development of improved production practices for fruits, plantation crops and spices with special reference to  mango, cashew ,  ................. more


Dr. V. Arunachalam

Principal Scientist


Marker express 1.0 software developed to locate RAPD/ISSR primers & design iSCAR primers. It was validated using expressed sequences and published polymorphic RAPD primers on oil palm. DG-MAP software was developed for locating RAPD and SSR priming sites and to work out the distance between the priming sites. It was validated using genome sequence of cucumber. .............more

Dr. (Ms.) Mathala Juliet Gupta

Senior Scientist

(Agri. Structures and
Process Engineering)


  • Greenhouse Engineering

  • Modelling and Simulation

  • Food Safety

  • Research Findings..............more

Dr. Shripad Bhat


(Agricultural Economics)

·         Price analysis

·         Impact analysis

·         Econometric analysis, time series analysis


Dr. Chaudhari Ganesh Vasudeo


(Vegetable Science)  


  • Germplasm acquisition/collection, evaluation, utilization for vegetable improvement

  • Underutilized vegetables.... more

Dr. Maneesha S. R.


(Fruit Science)

Improvement of fruit crops using conventional and modern approaches, Management of abiotic and biotic stress tolerance, Post-harvest management of horticultural crops, Collection, Characterization and exploitation of under-utilized fruit crops.........more

Animal Science and Fishery Science

Dr. Shivasharanappa Nayakvadi

Senior Scientist

(Veterinary Pathology) &

Section in-charge

  • Diagnosis and surveillance of infectious diseases of livestock and wildlife

  • Toxicopathology and molecular pathology of lab animals and livestock.

  • Disease resistance with reference to Toll Like Receptors (TLRs) and pro-inflammatory cytokines in innate immune response against brucellosis, rabies and other diseases of lab animals and livestock...........more


Dr. R. Solomon Rajkumar


(Livestock Products Technology)

  • Poultry  and Meat Technology

  • Food Safety and Quality Assurance of Livestock Products

  • Technology Management in Agriculture..........more


Dr. Gokuldas P. P.


(Animal Reproduction & Gynaecology )

  •  Female animal reproduction, Reproductive endocrinology, Semen biology and Frozen semen technology

  • Reproductive management interventions to improve fertility in farm animals

  • ..........more


Dr. Susitha Rajkumar


(Veterinary Pathology)


  • Avian Health

  • Animal Disease Diagnosis and surveillance  ..........more


Dr. Sreekanth G. B.


(Fisheries Resource Management) 

  • Marine fisheries resources management

  • Population dynamics and stock assessment

  • Ecosystem modeling............... more


Shri Trivesh Suresh Mayekar


(Fish Genetics & Breeding)

·         Fish exploration, cataloguing, Conservation and  Management

·         Conservation genetics

·         Fish genetics and breeding..........more

Dr. Nibedita Nayak


(Poultry Science)

  • Poultry nutrition and biotechnology

  • Poultry  breeding and genetics

  • Avian Health  ............... more


Dr. Amiya Ranjan Sahu


(Animal Genetics & Breeding)

  • Genetic improvement of livestock species through recent molecular approaches

  • Breed characterization of locally available indigenous livestock population.............. more

Scientist Emeritus

Dr. Narendra Pratap Singh

Scientist Emeritus