Prioritization Monitoring and Evaluation Cell


PME Cell 

                Research priority setting, monitoring and evaluation (PME) is an effective tool to assist research managers for priority focussed research resource allocations, relevance, monitoring and evaluation of research projects and accountability of the system.


Functions of PME

  1. To coordinate and synthesize the recommendation of QRT, RAC, IRC, Vision documents of Institute and ICAR to recommend research priorities of the Institution for short listing priority researchable problems across crops/ divisions/ programmes/ commodity/ livestock etc. at Institution level.

  2. Annual updating and presenting the report to the Director of the Institution for assigning research projects.

  3. To coordinate and arrange for annual monitoring of each on-going project and evaluation of completed project through internal and external experts.

  4. To coordinate and arrange for technology validation and impact assessment of successful technology claimed by Scientists through internal and external experts

  5. Regular sensitizing and capacity building of research managers and Scientists through training programmes

  6. Maintaining records on all publications, technologies developed, projects undertaken and ongoing projects.

 Schedule of PME activities

  1. Institute Research Committee

  2. Project Monitoring and Evaluation Committee

  3. Research Advisory Committee

  4. Quinquennial Review Team

  5. Dealing all the files of technical nature

  6. Maintenance, compiling and preparations of Annual Report, Institute Newsletter, Status  Reports, Perspective Plan, Background information material and Institutes reports for meetings, programmes, Agenda and Proceedings of RAC, SRC, QRT meetings etc.

  7. Research Project Files (RPF) of the research projects.

  8. Half Yearly Performance Report of Scientist, Quarterly Report of Institute and Monthly Cabinet report.


     ICAR - Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute is one of the premier research institutes established under the aegis of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi. This Institute provides research and development support to the agriculture and allied sectors of coastal region. The Institute is mainly involved in research and extension activities which are aimed at improving the production and productivity of major crops of this region through various strategies including farming system approach. Other important areas of research include livestock and fisheries sector in order to increase the milk and meat production. The Institute scientists have developed number of technologies and can provide consultancies and advisory services on payment basis (as per the ICAR Guidelines) in the following broad fields. Consultancy services will be provided based on the available resources and manpower and the clients are requested to contact the concerned.

  • Integrated farming system management

  • Macro and micro nutrient management including fertigation

  • Integrated water management

  • Watershed management

  • Protected cultivation structures and designing

  • Integrated pest and disease management

  • Advisory services on mass production of bio-fertilizers and and bio-control agents.

  • Cultivation and establishment and maintenance of fruit, vegetables, ornamental, medicinal and aromatic crops, orchards and spice gardens.

  • Mass multiplication of planting material.

  • Horticultural farming in sick and problematic soils.

  • Floriculture and methods of extending vase life of cut flowers.

  • Poultry, goat and piggery management

  • Establishment of agro-ecotourism centres

  • Technical guidance on fresh water and brackish water fish culture and establishment of artificial fish habitats


For further details, please contact:

   The Director,

    ICAR - Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute

    Ela, Old Goa - 403 402 Goa

    Phone: 0832-2284678 / 79 Fax: 0832-2285649





Contact :

PME Cell  Co-ordinator :  Dr. (Ms.) Mathala Juliet Gupta, Senior Scientist (Agri. Structures and Process Engineering)

                                            Phone: 0832-2284678 Ext. 216

                                            Fax: 0832-2285649



Technical Officer          :  Shri. Sidharth K Marathe, Senior Technical Officer, T-6 ( Technical Cell)

                                           Phone: 832-2285381/ 2284678 / 79 Ext 306

                                            Email: ,