Crop Science

Crop Science

Dr. R. Ramesh

Principal Scientist

(Plant Pathology) &

Section in-charge

My research area is management of plan diseases of economic importance. I am working on biological control of plant diseases using antagonistic bacteria for the last 10 years and I study bacterial diseases of crop plants especially on R. solanacearum for the past 5 years.   ..............more

Dr. Manohara K. K.

Senior Scientist

(Genetics & Plant Breeding)

Rice breeding.  Development of Mapping populations.  Marker Assisted Selection. Team member in the development of aerobic rice variety ARB-6 (Anagha), released from University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK Bangalore.. ..............more

Dr. Maruthadurai. R


(Agricultural Entomology)

Management of insect pests through Bio control agents. Semiochemical studies of natural enemies and integrated pest management. Studies on insect pest of cashew and their management. ..............more