Institute Ongoing Projects


Mega Project I: Conservation and management of natural resources of coastal region

Project leader: S K Singh

Assessment and mapping of trends in hydro-climatic variables over west and east coast regions of India

Sujeet Desai

Assessment of the properties of the coastal saline soils and development of integrated nutrient management practices and crop establishment methods for improving its productivity

GR Mahajan

Study of conservation tillage practices for sustainability of rice based cropping systems in west coast of India

Paramesha V

Assessment of climate change vulnerability in coastal districts of India

Bappa Das

Genesis of soils and associated evaporates in the coastal ecosystem for sustainable land use options and carbon management in India

S. K. Singh



Mega Project II: Conservation and utilization of genetic resources in the coastal region

Project leader: A R Desai

Collection, evaluation of genetic resources and management of fruit and spices

AR Desai

Assessment, management and designing improvement options for fisheries in selected low impacted estuaries along southwest coast of India

Sreekanth GB

Genetic improvement of rice for coastal agro-ecosystem

KK Manohara

Integrated strategies for crop improvement and organic production in cashew for coastal climate resilience

AR Desai

Study on status of vegetable cultivation and survey for traditional crop varieties in major vegetable crops in coastal region for sustainable production

B. L. Kashinath

Study on status of vegetable cultivation and survey for traditional crop varieties in major vegetable crops in coastal region for sustainable production

Amiya Ranjan Sahu



Mega Project III: Development and validation of production technologies of major crops of coastal region

Project leader: R Ramesh

Monitoring and study on the incidence of diseases and insect pests in protected cultivation

R Ramesh

Studies on emerging insect pests (white flies and fall army worm) and their management in coastal  region of India

R Maruthadurai

Production and postharvest management of fruit crops kokum, jack fruit and breadfruit of West coast region of India

Maneesha SR

Development of detection methods/ diagnostics for important and emerging plant and animal pathogens of Coastal region

R Ramesh

Response of mango (Mangifera indica L.)  to edaphic and climate factors in Indian coastal region

Maneesha SR



Mega Project IV: Development and validation of production technologies of livestock and Fisheries

Project leader: Shivasharanappa Nayakvadi

Prevalence and impact study of the economically important diseases of dairy animals in coastal India

Susitha Rajkumar

Surveillance of major zoonotic diseases in livestock of coastal India

Chethan Kumar

Augmenting backyard poultry production through technological interventions in breeding, feeding and management aspects pertaining to Indian West coast

Nibedita Nayak

Impact analysis of diseases of meat animals (pigs, goats and sheep and poultry) in coastal India and strategies for their management

Shivasharanappa N

Conservation of major farm animal resources in the coastal region through evaluation of seminal traits, semen processing and preservation

Gokuldas PP

Development of sustainable aquaculture practices through technology intervention to promote fisheries livelihood in the coastal ecosystem of India

Trivesh S Mayekar



Mega Project V: Improving livelihood security through post-harvest technologies and other agri- enterprises

Project leader: V Arunachalam

Prospects and promotion of agro ecotourism in coastal region of India

Parveen Kumar

Harnessing palms for sustainable livelihoods of coastal India

V Arunachalam

Assessment and development of cropping systems based harvest and post-harvest management technologies for coastal India

MJ Gupta