Natural Resource Management




Natural Resource Management


Dr. Gopal R. Mahajan


(Soil Science) &

Section in-charge  

"My research interest is soil fertility and plant nutrition and management of degraded soils (coastal saline soils and mine reject soils)......... more


Dr. Surendra Kumar Singh

Principal Scientist

(Soil Science)  



Dr. Uthappa A. R.



  • Carbon sequestration potential 

    Litter and nutrient dynamics

    Tree crop interaction studies


      ......... more



Dr. Paramesha V.



  • Integrated farming system for west coast plains and Ghats agro-climatic zones

  • Integrated weed management in Rice based cropping system

  • Soil and water conservation ......... more



Dr. Bappa Das


(Agricultural Meteorology

  • Effect of climate change on crop yield through use of Crop Growth Simulation Models

  • Statistical Crop Weather Model development for the major crops grown in West Coast Plains and Ghats

  • Soil and water conservation  ......... more



Dr. Sujeet Desai


(Land and Water Management Engineering)  

  •  Hydrological Modelling and Climate change

  • Remote Sensing and GIS in Land and Water Management

  •  Soil and Water Conservation  ......... more