Dr. Parveen Kumar, Director

                        Dr. Parveen  Kumar obtained B.Sc. (Hons.) Agri. (1990) with distinction (‘University Gold Medal’ and ‘Mrs. N.L. Khestry Gold Medal’) and M.Sc. Agronomy (1992) with the first position from CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar and Ph.D. (Agronomy) in 1997 from ICAR-IARI, New Delhi with ‘IARI Gold Medal for Outstanding Academic Performance’ and ‘G.A. Dastane Gold Medal for Best Student Researcher’ and joined ARS in December 1995 as Scientist at ICAR-CPRI Regional Centre, Modipuram (UP) and served for about 15 years. Dr. Kumar joined ICAR-CSSRI, Karnal on 1st October 2010 as Principal Scientist and served there till 31st October 2020. During November 2020 to April 2021, Dr. Kumar was posted as Principal Scientist (Agronomy) in NRM Division, ICAR Hqrs, New Delhi. At ICAR-CSSRI, Dr. Kumar actively involved in the research besides looked after many important institutional responsibilities like Member Secretary (RAC, IRC, PMC, ITMC, IIMS, PIMS, etc.), OIC (PME), Controlling Officer (Farm), ICAR-CSSRI Nodal Officer Regional Committee-V, HYPM, RFD, ITMU, etc.

         Dr. Kumar standardized irrigation and planting schedules of salt-tolerant rice and wheat varieties in partially reclaimed soil. He also did commendable work on estimation of carbon sequestration potential of different land-use systems in sodic/reclaimed sodic soil, biomass estimation, and carbon sequestration rate in Populus deltoides and Eucalyptus deltoidsPopulus and Eucalyptus-based agroforestry systems. At ICAR-CPRI, Dr. Kumar, developed a complete package of agro-techniques for maximizing chip grade (45-88 mm) & French fry grade (>75 mm) potatoes from processing varieties and their storage both as fresh (at harvest) and stored (long-term at 10-12oC using CIPC). The technology developed by him resulted in increased net returns to the farmers by 15-20% and ensured the availability of quality raw material to the potato processing industries. Dr. Kumar was also associated with the development of 4 high-yielding potato processing varieties (Kufri Chipsona-3, Kufri Chipsona-4, Kufri Himsona, and Kufri Frysona) with high dry matter and low reducing sugars (glucose and fructose) having field resistance to major potato disease, late blight. All these processing varieties are extensively being used by potato processing industries and are in high demand for table purposes as well due to excellent culinary qualities. Their cultivation in different seasons-autumn/winter in northern and central plains, summer in hills, and Kharif in plateau enables an uninterrupted supply of fresh produce round the year for the operation of processing industries.

        Dr. Kumar has published ~100 research papers in NAAS-rated international/national journals, 17 proceeding papers, 15 technical bulletins, 9 books/training manuals, 31 book chapters, 42 popular articles, and 17 TV/Radio talks besides presented over 80 research papers in seminars/symposia. Dr. Kumar is the recipient of the ICAR-Hari Om Ashram Trust Award as Team Leader for biennium 2014-15 for Crop and Horticultural Sciences and Associateship of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (2008). He has also been conferred with several awards and medals for his outstanding work and leadership viz., ‘ICAR-CSSRI Excellence Award on Soil Salinity (2017)’ for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Management of Salt Affected Soils & Poor Quality Water, ‘ICAR-CSSRI Director’s Appreciation Award (2017-18)’, ‘Indian Potato Association (IPA)- Kaushalya Sikka Memorial Award’ twice (2000-2004 and 2005-2009) for Outstanding Contribution to Potato, ‘ICAR-CPRI Dr. S Ramanujam Award (2004-2007)’ for Outstanding Research and Leadership in Potato Research and Development in India, besides being honoured with Fellowships of ‘Indian Society of Agronomy (2013)’, ‘Indian Potato Association (2012)’, ‘2nd Plantica Innovative Research Award’ in recognition of innovative research work done in the field of Forestry (2020), ‘IPA Gold Medal’ twice for best research paper published in Potato Journal (2010 and 2011). Dr. Kumar was ‘Visiting Scientist to Institute of Resistance Research and Stress Tolerance’, Rostock, Germany (2009), attended ‘International Symposium on Agronomy and Physiology of Potato’, Nevsehir, Turkey (2010) presented a research paper, and Chaired one Technical Session on “Seed Technology” and also attended ‘7th World Potato Congress’ Christchurch, New Zealand (2009) and presented research paper. Dr. Kumar is the Editor of 3 NAAS-rated journals and a reviewer for several National and International Journals. Dr. Kumar was also involved in teaching and research guidance as Adjunct Faculty to Agronomy Section, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal during 2012-2020 [guided 2 M.Sc (Agronomy) and 2 Ph.D. (Agronomy) students as Major Guide] and CCSHAU, Hisar during 2018-2020. Dr. Kumar was a Member of Institute Management Committee of ICAR-NBSS&LUP, Nagpur (2015-2018) and ICAR-IIFSR, Modipuram, Meerut (2016-2019).