Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit (AKMU)


Brief Background

During 1996-97, an AKMU has been created, and equipped with computers under ARIS Programme. The VSAT was installed in July 2000 at Computer Centre. In 2009-2010 we were provided with a Leased line Connectivity by BSNL under the National Knowledge Network. The e-mail / Internet facilities have been created for scientists and other staff of the Institute.

Facilities available

The main activities of Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit (AKMU) of ICAR - CCARI are maintenance and providing the Internet and Email services, maintenance of Institute Website and other computer related works including LAN and systems management in the Institute.

The institute is connected with  1 Gbps connectivity through National Knowledge Network. Linux and Windows based servers along with about 50 nodes are connected on LAN. The centre has its own website ( which is updated regularly.  The entire networking, Internet services and website management is coordinated by Agricultural Knowledge Management Units (AKMU). It also supports in development and maintenance of database, website, decision support system etc. 

 The AKMU provides the following facilities/ services to the institute:

·         Networking

·         Network services

·         Internet access

·         Database service

·         Hardware and software trouble shooting

·         Virus alerts

·         Institute e-mail handling



Web Based Agricultural Statistics Software Package

WASP is the first Web Based Agricultural Statistics Software Package. This package is for the researchers who are not comfortable with standalone statistical packages. Easy to use features of this pack provide comfort and confidence to the researchers in analysing their own data. It is divided into two topics Basic Statistics and Experimental Designs. Under Basic topics the following designs are covered

  • Descriptive Statistics

  • T Test

  • Chi Square Test

  • Correlation

  • Regression

And under Experimental Designs the following designs are covered.

  • Completely Randomised Design

  • Randomised Block Design

  • Latin Square Design

  • Factorial Experiments

  • Split Plot Design

  • Strip Plot Design


Contact :

AKMU  Co-ordinator : Dr. R. Ramesh , Principal Scientist (Plant Pathology)

                                     Phone: 832-2284678 Ext. 103

                                     Fax: 0832-2285649



Technical Officer      : Smt. Pranjali Wadekar, Senior Technical Officer(Computer)  

                                      Phone: 0832-2285381/ 2284678 / 79 Ext 111