From Director's Desk



This Institute is mandated to carry out the research and extension work on field and horticultural crops, livestock, and fisheries relevant to natural resource base for sustainable productivity, to develop climate resilient land use and farming systems and agro-ecotourism. Research activities are executed through five functional sections viz. Natural Resource Management, Crop Science, Horticulture Science, Animal Sciences and Fisheries Science.

Following are some of the areas where the institute made significant achievements.

·         Identification of promising crop varieties/accessions of field and horticultural crops,

·         Selection of salt tolerant rice varieties

·         Development of rice and plantation crop based farming system models for improved livelihood

·         Development of eco-friendly management practices of major insect pests and diseases in major crops

·         Identification of promising bio-agents for plant growth promotion and disease management

·         Development of low cost protected structures for vegetable and flower crop production

·         Development of boar semen extender

·         Low cost hydroponics fodder production technology

·         Standardization of package of practices for goat and poultry

·         Exploration of fish diversity of Goa

We have developed promising technologies to improve the crop yield, milk and meat production. Scientists of the Institute published many research articles in peer reviewed journals and similar information is disseminated by means of publication of technical bulletins, extension folders, posters, etc. The staff of the Institute received recognitions for their research, administrative and extra-curricular excellence.

The Institute is a regular centre for AICRPs on cashew, integrated farming system, vegetable crops, palms, pig and animal disease monitoring & surveillance and voluntary centre for rice and arid legumes. In addition to Institute projects, research projects are also funded by ICAR through various network platforms and collaborations, Department of Science, Technology & Environment and Department of Biotechnology, etc. Extension and development projects are channelled through various development programmes like Tribal Sub Plan, National Horticultural Mission, Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana, NFDB and also through other developmental agencies.

Number of programmes for human resource development and capacity building are being organized regularly on important technologies developed by the Institute. Various trainings, workshops, group meetings, field days, etc on different topics are being organized to disseminate the technologies to the farming community and other stakeholders.

I sincerely hope that the knowledge and technology developed at ICAR-CCARI would help the farmers of coastal region to increase the production and help the policy makers, administrators to draw agriculture policies.