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Potential Fishing Zone

Scientific name :
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Introduction :

    • Potential Fishing Zone advisory is the dissemination of areas of fish availability
    • It is provided by the International Centre for Oceanic Information Services (INCOIS) through various collaborating institutes
    • In Goa, the nodal organization is ICAR Research Complex for Goa
    • This data is derived on Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) techniques
    • This is based on the satellite derived Chlorophyll and Sea Surface Temperature (SST) information
    • Advisories benefits fishermen with a healthy catch and economic fishing operations


    technology :

      • International Centre for Oceanic Information Services (INCOIS) provides the advisories on the PFZ over Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal from the thermal infrared channels of NOAA- AVHRR and optical bands in IRS-P4 OCM.MODIS Aqua data.
      • The multilingual PFZ advisories are generated on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to about 500 fish landing centres/ fishing villages covering the entire coast line of India.



      dissemination :

      The PFZ advisories are disseminated during all over the year except during monsoon season and trawl ban periods. The entire coastline has been covered in this dissemination programme. This is facilitated through different research organizations, fisheries departments and fishermen societies.
      The mode of dissemination can be

      1. Multilingual Electronic Display Board
      2. Telephone
      3. Fax
      4. Email
      5. Website
      6. Doordarshan
      7. Radio
      8. News media

      The information is given in different forms of extension like satellite images, short films, ocean state information, disaster information and disaster warning. The validity of the PFZ information is for 2-3 days.







      The process of Potential Fishing Zone advisories 

      beneficiaries :

      The services provided on PFZ advisories are utilized by the fishermen community all along Indian coast to harvest marine fishery resources. Moreover, the generated data on advisory recovered from the SST and Chlorophyll were found to be beneficial to the inshore fishermen especially the artisanal, motorized and small mechanized fishermen. They mainly operate pelagic gears like ring seine and gill net in the inshore areas of the Sea. The benefits are the following

      1. Reduction of searching time
      2. Saving the fuel oil
      3. Saving human effort
      4. Increase in average income

      In Goa, it is reported that there is a reduction of searching time by 50% for the ring seine fleets. The income generated by fishing in the PFZ was 2 times higher than the income generated in non- PFZ zones. The commercially important species are more abundant in the PFZ area.


      advisories in goa :

      The ICAR research complex for Goa is the nodal organization for the dissemination of the PFZ data along Goa region. The major contribution of fish catch comes from the three main fish landing centers of Goa, viz Malim (Panjim), Marmugao (Vasco), and Cutbona (Betul). Thus the validation studies were conducted pertaining to the respective centres.







      Map of Goa showing the three major fish landing centers

      conclusion :

      The Potential Fishing Zone advisories is a major tool in disseminating the satellite based fishery information to the beneficiary, the fishermen. Even though the scientific background and analytical platform behind the PFZ advisories is an evolving field, the anticipated results are obtained from the advisories with the participation of fishermen. The more refined PFZ advisories will be available for the fishermen in future with further advancement of the science. The validation studies have to be continued in order to have an uninterrupted data source for refining the advisories in future.



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