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Crop: Acid lime

Scientific name : Citrus aurantifolia
Common / Local Name : Nimbu, Limbu, Kagzi lime

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Introduction :



Acid lime requires tropical and dry tropical climate. The optimum temperature requirement is 20 to 30oC. It can be successfully cultivated from sea level to even 1500M above MSL. A well drained soil is ideal for the crop.




Land preparation :

The land should be ploughed well and pits of 60 m3 should be dug out. In Goa, it is cultivated in most of the backyards.

planting :


The pits should be kept open for 2-3 weeks. Later on, 15-20 kg of manure should be mixed with the dug out or top soil and then, filled back into the pit. Well grown seedlings that are 10 months old should be planted in the centre of the pit. Spacing of 4 x 4m can be followed. Staking need to be provided to avoid lodging.


Varieties :

Pusa Sharbati,Sai Sharbati, Tenali, PKM 1,Kasi Pentla, Vikram ,Pramalini

Nutrient Management :

A dose of FYM @ 20-25 kg and NPK @ 600:300:300g/plant/year should be applied in two split doses.  Full dose of FYM and half of chemical fertilizers should be applied at the beginning of monsoon season (April-May) and remaining half towards the end of the monsoon (October). This dosage need to be given after 4 years of age. During 1st year, 1/4th of the dose (150: 75: 150), during 2nd year, half of it (300: 150:300) and during 3rd year, 3/4th of it (450:225: 450) should be applied


Water Management :

Irrigate once in 3-4 days

Weed Management :

Weeding as and when required to keep field clean

Intercultural operations :

Acid lime flowers and produces fruits almost all the year round, but there are three major flushes in June-July, September-October and January - February. These are known as Mrig Bahar, Hast Bahar and Ambia Bahar respectively. Fruits of September-October (Hast Bahar) flowering harvested during summer months are most remunerative. To achieve this, irrigation be suspended for 1 to 11/2 months before actual flowering. During this period field may be cultivated and applied with manure and fertiliser towards the end and irrigation be resumed. Plants be sprayed with 1000 ppm cycocel twice during September-October which has been found to increase the fruit yield two times than the normal yield. (www.indiaagronet.com)
Foliar spray of NAA@50-100 ppm (or) 2,4,5T @20 ppm helps in flower regulation, prevention of fruit drop


Insect Pest Management :


Citrus butterfly





Disease Management :









Harvesting :

Average yield of 20-25 kg of fruits/tree/year.

Post harvesting management:

Fresh juice, Culinary, Pharma and cosmetic inductries

Input availability

Input availability

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