Institute release new Cashew and Rice varieties for the state of Goa


Institute release new Cashew and Rice varieties for the state of Goa

The State Seed Sub-committee vide letter No. 3/4/Agron/PPG/3-335/2016-17 D. Agri/854 dtd 13/02/2017, has approved the release of three cashew and two rice varieties for cultivation in the state of Goa. The meeting was held on 23rd January 2017 at the Directorate of Agriculture, Tonca, Goa, under the chairmanship of Shri. B. R. Singh. (Secretary, Agriculture, Govt. of Goa). 

Shri. Ulhas Pai Kakode (Director, Directorate of Agriculture, Govt. of Goa), Dr. E. B. Chakurkar (Director, ICAR-CCARI, Goa), officials from National Seed Corporation, Bengaluru, farmer representatives and other senior officials of the Dept of Agriculture, Govt of Goa, were present in the meeting.   

Dr. E. B. Chakurkar, Director (A), gave an appraisal on the superior traits of the varieties and their potential for increasing the production and productivity in the state and the region as a whole.

Dr. A. R. Desai (Sr Scientist) presented a detailed report about the new varieties of Cashew (Goa Cashew 2, Goa Cashew 3 and Goa Cashew 4).  The cashew selections were short listed from the promising local germplasm evaluation trials carried out for 14 years.  The above selections were found promising for higher nut yield and kernel quality traits. 

Dr. Manohara, K. K., (Scientist, Plant Breeding) presented about the new varieties of rice (Goa Dhan 1 and Goa Dhan 2) which were developed for coastal saline soils.  Both Goa Dhan 1 and Goa Dhan 2 are pure-line selections from the local salt tolerant traditional landrace Korgut.  The selections are superior in terms of grain yield as well as for agronomic characters.   In consideration of the data presented and further discussions, the State Seed Sub-committee agreed for release of cashew and rice varieties in the State of Goa.