Human Resource Development Cell



Human Resource Development is an important factor in capacity building and improving the overall efficiency of the persons. Human Resource Development Cell is the catalyst to speed up the process of improving the Academia-Institution relationship which provide re-orientation in our approach to Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship.


HRD Cell at the Institute is performing the following activities:-


·         Arranging visits of students from professional and non-professional colleges.

·         Arranging programmes for creating awareness about HRD in agriculture and allied sectors.

·         Arranging short term trainings for students.


The expertise available are

1.      Crop Improvement and Protection

a.       Entomology

b.      Plant Pathology

c.        Plant Breeding

2.      Resource Management and Integrated Production

a.       Soil Science

b.      Agronomy

3.      Horticulture

a.       Pomology

b.      Olericulture,

c.       Floriculture

d.      Post Harvest Technology

4.      Animal Sciences

a.    Livestock production and management

b.    Animal Reproduction

c.    Animal Nutrition

d.    Veterinary Public Health

e.     Poultry Science

5. Fisheries Science

a.    Fisheries Resources Management

b.    Brackish water finfish and shellfish culture

c.    Freshwater fish culture

d.    Ornamental fish culture

e.    Artificial Fish Habitats

F.    Fish biodiversity and stock assessment


HRD Application Form

Guidelines for the students to conduct research for their degree programmes as trainees at ICAR institutions


Contact :

HRD Cell  Nodal Officer (Council Level) : Dr. Bappa Das Scientist (Agricultural Meteorology)

                                                                        Phone: 0832-2284678 Ext.

                                                                        Fax: 0832-2285649




HRD Cell  Co-ordinator (Institute Level) : Shri Ubarhande Vinod Ananda, Sr. Technical  Officer  (Farm Superintendent)


                & Public Relations Officer          Phone: 0832 2284678 Ext. 405

                                                                        Fax: 0832-2285649