Animal Science



Ongoing Research Projects


S.No Name of the project Project leader


Preparation/formulation of boar semen extender and pre insemination fluid for artificial insemination in pigs. (2014-2017) E. B. Chakurkar


Enhancing livestock performance by using advanced manage mental and health interventions at Institute livestock farms. (2015-2018) E. B. Chakurkar



Analysis of rural backyard poultry based livelihood alternatives in West coast of India. (2015-2017) Dr. R. S. Rajkumar
4. Epidemiological surveillance of economically important diseases of dairy animals in the West coast. (2015 - 2018) Dr. Susitha Rajkumar
5. Patho-epidemiology and health interventions of goat diseases in West coast of India. (2015-2018)

Dr. Shivasharanappa Nayakvadi

6. Prevalence of swine associated zoonotic parasitic diseases in Indian West coast. (2015 - 2017) Dr. Chethan Kumar H. B