Horticultural Science



Ongoing Research Projects


S.No Name of the project Project leader

Enhanced utilization of pseudo-stem and leaves of banana. (2017-2020)

V. Arunachalam


Collection, evaluation of genetic resources and management of fruit and spices. (2011 - 2019)

A. R. Desai


Survey, collection and evaluation and management of underutilized fruits of coastal regions. (2013-2018)

S. Priya Devi


Augmentation, Morphological and Molecular Characterization and Evaluation of Okra and Amaranth genetic resources of West Coast India for sustainable utilization. (2017- 2020)

M. Thangam


Development of production technologies for successful management and semi-automation under suitable protected cultivation structures designed or adopted for west coastal ecosystem of India

Mathala Gupta

Development of good agricultural practices through integrated nutrient management for sustainable fruit crop production in coastal regions of India. (2015 - 2018)

Ms. Maneesha S. R.