Swacchata Programme


Swacchata Programme

As a part of the implementation of the Swachh Bharat Mission, it has been decided to launch a campaign “Swachhta Hi Seva”  from 15th September, 2017 to 2nd October, 2017 at this Institute.

The Swachhta   programme held so far at this Institute:-

A. Displaying  the Banners “Swachhta Hi Seva” at  Main Entrance Gate, Office Entrance and KVK Entrance Gate on 15-09-2017
B. Sapath taking Ceremony:  The pledge taking ceremony was held on 16-09-2017 at  4.00 p.m. in the conference hall  of the Institute.
C. Celebration of Sewa Diwas : All employees devoted 2 hours (10.00 : 12.00 a.m.) in cleaning and sweeping their respective sections, labortories and the entire campus of the Institute on 17-09-2017


D. Maintenance of the Housekeeping  activities  in sections laboratories, corridors  and office premises on 18-09-2017.


E. Cleaning  the surrounding areas outside the  ICAR-CCARI was done on 19-09-2017






F. Beautification  of Children’s Parks was done on 20-09-2017.
G. Cleaning  the surrounding areas outside the  KVK campus was done on 21-09-2017.
H. Planting trees at  ICAR-CCARI, Goa, Campus was done on 22-09-2017
I. Planting trees  at  KVK  campus was done on 23-09-2017
J. Celebration of Samagra Swachhta Diwas : Every Employee performed “Shramdaan” on 24-09-2017.
K. Celebration  of “Sarwatra Swachhta”: Cleaning of the  areas around the Karmali Railway Station was done on 25-09-2017.
L. Swachhta of Nearby Tourist Spots: Cleaning  surrounding  areas  of  Bom Jesus Basilica  Church at Old Goa was done by all the staff members on 1-10-2017.