Dr. (Mrs.) S. Priyadevi    

 Principal Scientist (Fruit Science)








                                                                Address: F 12, Horticulture Section,

                                                                ICAR - CCARI,               

                                                                Old Goa 403 402

                                                                Phone: 0832-2284678/9  Ext: 218

                                                                Fax: 0832-2285649

                                                                Email: s.priyadevi@icar.gov.in , priyaars@yahoo.com





Academic background:   

Ph. D (Fruit Sciences) from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, 2009

M. Sc. (Ag) Horticulture from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, 1998

B. Sc (Ag)  from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, 1995


Research interests and current focus

During my initial period of research, I conducted preliminary studies on under-utilized fruit crops of Goa like Kokum, Jamun, Roseapples, Carambola, Bilimbi, Hog Plum, Bread fruit, Jack etc. Later on, I focused my research on Kokum (Garcinia indica), owing to its commercial value and importance in the international market. I studied the biodiversity and distribution of kokum throughout Goa and also identified promising accession for higher yield, earliness and quality characters. Then, in order to conserve these genotypes, I started clonal propagation of these selections. Currently, few promising accessions have been planted in the institute germplasm block, besides few related species like G hombroniana, G tinctoria, G mangostana and G gummigutta. The propagation work by softwood grafting is in progress.

                I also conducted evaluation trial on local cultivars of banana under coconut shade for 3-4 years. Similarly, an evaluation trial on pineapple varieties was also conducted under coconut shade for 3-4 years. In addition, an evaluation trial on released varieties of papaya, along with few local types was conducted in open field. Based on these trials, Precision farming trials on banana, papaya and pineapple have been envisaged, which will be taken as demonstration plots in farmers’ fields.

Other than this, evaluation trials have been taken up with commercial varieties of fruit crops like Aonla, grape fruit, acid lime etc. Field trials have also been taken up to evaluate the performance of West Indian Cherry, Ribbed cherry, Karonda and passion fruit under climatic conditions of Goa.


Membership in professional societies

  1. The Horticultural Society of India

Awards and honours

  • Received Best Poster Presentation Award for the research paper entitled “Nutritional Security by Utilizing Biodiversity- Under exploited fruit species of Goa” at National Conference on Coastal Agricultural Research, ICAR (RC), Old Goa

Academic/ Student advising

  • I have guided one MSc Biotechnology student during 2010

Research Publications


  • Priya Devi, S., Balamohan T.N., Thangam M., Kumar J. Ashok, Ramachandrudu K., Korikanthimath V.S. (2012) A study on diversity and distribution of kokum (Garcinia indica (Choisy) Thouars) using DIVA-GIS in Goa with respect to fruit characters. Indian J.Hort. 69(2): 156-162

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  • Priya Devi, S., M.Thangam, A.R.Desai and Adsule, P.G. (2002) Studies on variability in physico-chemical characters of different jamun (Syzygium cumini) accessions from Goa. Indian J.Hort. 59(2): 153-156


Books, book chapters

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  • S.Priya Devi (2012) Mechanisation in processing of minor fruits of Goa Technology inventory on Agricultural Mechanization for Goa. Published in Workshop cum exhibition on Agricultural Mechanization for small and Marginal farmers of Goa, 11th to 12th September, 2012, ICAR (RC), Goa.

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