Tribal Sub Plan Programme brings smile on vegetable farmers in Goa

Tribal Sub Plan Programme brings smile on vegetable farmers in Goa

 TSP programme is one of the flagship extension activities of ICAR –CCARI, Goa during 2012-13 to 2015-16. Various extension activities including providing seeds of high yielding varieties and hybrids in vegetable crops, other agricultural inputs like fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, water pumps, hose pipes, sprayers etc. are being distributed to the needy farmers belonging to Schedule Tribes in the state of Goa.

Comprehensive programme for vegetable cultivation:

Arlem and Raia villages under Salcette Taluk in South Goa district of Goa was selected for implementing vegetable initiatives for urban cluster under Tribal Sub Plan programme. Initially registered farmers club were selected through on site visit and as per the ground situation and requirement, inputs like seeds, fertilizers, plant protection chemicals were distributed to the farmers during rabi season 2012-13 onwards.

Among the many farmers who have benefitted through TSP programme implemented by ICAR Research Complex for Goa, Mr. Judas Quadros is an enthusiastic farmer shown greater interest and reaped the benefit by vegetable cultivation during 2015-16.


Beneficiary farmer at his vegetable field, Raia village, Salcette Taluk, Goa


Economic success by vegetable cultivation during 2015-16:

Based on the earlier year response and experience with Mr. Quadros, during 2015-16,  seeds of high yielding vegetable varieties viz., Okra (F1 hybrid Jai Kisan), Chilli (OP-Kashi Anmol and F1 hybrid Nisha), Vegetable cowpea (OP-Kashi Anmol) were supplied in large quantity so as to cover an area of around 4500 sq.m. during rabi season. Apart from seeds, systemic fungicides and pesticides, fertilizers like Urea, Rock Phosphate and Muriate of Potash and petrol operated 2HP water pump along with 50m hose pipe and 8m suction pipe were distributed during 2015-16.

Diesel motor provided under TSP for the beneficiary



Beneficiary farmer receiving the best vegetable grower award for 2015-16 from Chief-Minister of Goa


Around 2000 sq.m. under Okra, 1500 sq.m under chilli and 500 sq.m. under vegetable cowpea was planted. Harvesting of okra, green chilli and vegetable cowpea is done in the morning and supplied to Goa State Horticultural Corporation, Madgaon for a pre fixed price. Mr. Judas Quadros has earned around Rs. 75,000 from an area of one acre in four months of crop cultivation. Major expenditure on seeds, fertilizers, plant protection chemicals and water pump is provided through TSP funded by Govt of India. By seeing the economic encouragement, neighbouring farmers are also interested to avail the benefit under TSP for vegetable cultivation.

(Source: Dr. M. Thangam, Principal Scientist (Hort.) and Dr. E. B. Chakurkar, Director, ICAR –CCARI, Goa. E-mail:,