Natural Resource Management




Natural Resource Management


Dr. Gopal R. Mahajan


(Soil Sciences)


Section in-charge 

"My research interest is soil fertility and plant nutrition and management of degraded soils (coastal saline soils and mine reject soils)......... more


Dr. Bappa Das


(Agricultural Meteorology

  • Effect of climate change on crop yield through use of Crop Growth Simulation Models

  • Statistical Crop Weather Model development for the major crops grown in West Coast Plains and Ghats

  • Soil and water conservation  ......... more



Dr. Paramesha V.



  • Integrated farming system for west coast plains and Ghats agro-climatic zones

  • Integrated weed management in Rice based cropping system

  • Soil and water conservation ......... more



Shri. Sujeet Desai


(Land and Water Management Engineering)

  •  Hydrological Modelling and Climate change

  • Remote Sensing and GIS in Land and Water Management

  •  Soil and Water Conservation  ......... more