Institute Ongoing Projects



Institute Ongoing Projects


Mega Project I: Conservation and management of natural resources of coastal region

Project leader: G R Mahajan

Development and evaluation of soil and water conservation measures for sustainable crop production of major horticultural crops in Goa

Sujeet Desai

Assessment of the properties of the coastal saline soils and development of integrated nutrient management practices and crop establishment methods for improving its productivity

GR Mahajan

Study of nutrient management and cropping system on greenhouse gas emission through infoRCT model in west coast of India

Paramesha V

Calibration and validation of simulation and statistical crop yield model for major field crops of west coast of India

Bappa Das



Mega Project II: Conservation and utilization of genetic resources in the coastal region

Project leader: A R Desai

Breeding high yielding salt tolerant rice varieties for coastal saline soils

KK Manohara

Collection, evaluation of genetic resources and management of fruit and spices

AR Desai

Survey, collection and evaluation and management of underutilized fruits of coastal regions

S Priya Devi

Augmentation, morphological and molecular characterization and evaluation of okra and amaranth genetic resources of West Coast India for sustainable utilization

M Thangam

Assessment, management and designing improvement options for fisheries in selected low impacted estuaries along southwest coast of India

Sreekanth GB



Mega Project III: Development and validation of production technologies of major crops of coastal region

Project leader: R Ramesh

Study and the management of major diseases of vegetable crops in coastal region

R Ramesh

Bio-ecology and management of economically important insect pests under coastal ecosystem

R Maruthadurai

Development of good agricultural practices through integrated nutrient management for sustainable fruit crop production in coastal regions of India

Maneesha SR



Mega Project IV: Development and validation of production technologies of livestock and Fisheries

Project leader: EB Chakurkar

Enhancing livestock performance by using advanced managemental and health interventions at institute livestock farms

EB Chakurkar

Standardization of protocols for cryopreservation of boar semen

EB Chakurkar

Analysis of rural backyard poultry based livelihood alternatives in west coast of India

R Solomon Rajkumar

Epidemiological surveillance of economically important diseases of dairy animals in   the West coast

Susitha Rajkumar

Patho-epidemiology and Health interventions of goat diseases in west coastal India

Shivasharanappa N

Prevalence of swine associated zoonotic parasitic diseases in Indian west coast

Chethan Kumar

Seasonal modulation of reproductive performance in dairy buffaloes with special reference to west coast region.

Gokuldas PP



Mega Project V: Improving livelihood security through post-harvest technologies and other agri- enterprises

Project leader: V Arunachalam

Prospects and promotion of agro ecotourism in coastal region of India

AR Desai

Enhanced utilization of pseudo-stem and leaves of banana.

V Arunachalam

Development of production technologies for successful management and semi-automation under suitable protected cultivation structures designed or adopted for west coastal ecosystem of India

MJ Gupta